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Hi Martin,
Here are some pics from our trip, a couple of "rippers", yes?  I had a great day with you and was glad you were able to fit me in.  You did a fantastic job and it was a pleasure to have you guide us. 

I will tell my fishing buddies to look you up if they go to New Zealand.  Good luck with the 2009 season,   Many thanks, Barb and I  will always remember our trips with you!

Rob Watkins

Rob Watkins










PhilI will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that is planning a trip to the South Island. Your thorough knowledge of the rivers and conditions as well as your zen-like ability to find fish was astounding!

Also, your innovative approach to the fishing, friendly and helpful attitude and superb teaching ability made our time with you an invaluable learning experience and set us up to achieve success during the rest of our trip.

We both feel we have improved our fly fishing under your guidance and have learned techniques and skills we can apply in our fishing back at home.

Philip Hills  Colin Campbell  South Aftrica


Guiding sucess: A fantastic Brown and a very happy client!Martin-many thanks for finding fish everyday and giving a lot of advice every time. Without your help I , small and old lady angler, could not land those wonderful browns. Now I am counting the days till next fishing trip with you.

I hope you will have good next season see you in Nov.

Yukari  Watanabe
Tokyo Japan


Beautifully mark Canterbury Brow TroutMy first fly fishing trip in New Zealand quickly turned out to be the most memorable fishing experience to date. Having minimal fly fishing skills the idea of having a guide for the day was essential. Learning correct techniques from the start was the main goal, second to that was catching a NZ trout.
A work college recommended a tour guide by the name of Martin Langlands for the Christchurch area. After reading the testimonials on the website, I was convinced. The service was excellent and everything was taken care of, all I had to do was participate. The amount of knowledge and skill Martin has with trout fishing was extensive.
We had a great day with many fish caught (to my surprise), all credit is due to Martin's ability to read the rivers, spotting the trout and the guidance that was given on the day (casting, striking techniques etc). I will most definitely be back next year as the trout fishing in NZ is by far the best, not to mention the professional guide I had. Thank you very much Martin, it was truly a memorable day.

Ivan Zrilic
Sydney, Australia


David with one of about ^ on that wonderful dayNew Zealand is a trout fishing Island that can make any fly-fisherman crave. However, as a newcomer I was aware of the difficulties and differences that New Zealand had in comparison to Australia. By hiring an experienced and excellent guide I knew that my enjoyment and catch rate would be achievable. Martin is an excellent guide who knows and understands his trade.

Martin has helped to fine tune my skills to adapt to New Zealand conditions. His patient approach lead to very enjoyable trips that will never be forgotten. As fly-fisherman we all know that each water has it's special demands. With Martins intimate knowledge of food source, favourite trout lies and strategies my New Zealand adventure has just begun. The experience will definatly bring be back begging for more.

Thank-you Martin for the pleasure of your companionship as a guide and a teacher.

David Simon
Vic Austaralia



Martin and Byron“Martin is the finest guide my wife and I have met in New Zealand. He is absolutely dedicated to his clients catching fish, scouring the countryside for places no one else seems to know about.  He hooked us up with a surprising number of monsters, and was a delight to be with".

Byron Harris


On December 27th while fly fishing with my pal Martin Langlands I had the best day fishing for trout ever.  In a couple of hours of fishing out of the Tekapo area I caught  10 fish ranging from 5 to 8 pounds and a handful of smaller fish too.  I had so much fun I decided to pass on a few fish and allow Martin to show me his casting and fishing skills and he caught 4 fish in the same class including one that would top the 10 pounds.  All were caught by sight fishing using dry flies.

Mark Irvin
Tucson USA


"My first trip with Martin was in 1998 and I keep coming back for more.
Martin is a committed guide and expert fisherman. In 9 years we have fished in all conditions, flood, drought, rain, snow and gale force winds but Martin always seems to have some spot out of the weather and onto the fish!!
Martin continues to introduce me to new water on each visit and his knowledge extends beyond the standard fly patterns-he makes flies that trout want!
My own skills have improved under his tutelage and I can't recommend Martin's dedication enough. See you in another six months!"

Dr John Roberts
NSW Australia


Matt with sucess in hand - Nice Brown ToutI have fly fished New Zealand usually for a week or so per trip for over a decade. Having fished in many other places, I consider it to be the best trout fishing in the world. But even for an experienced angler like me, it is challenging, often difficult weather, savvy, huge trout and gin clear waters. To meet these challenges, I have had the honor and pleasure of working with ace New Zealand guide Martin Langlands.

Martin is a master at his craft. From long experience, he knows weather, waters, strategies, big trout, battling big trout, and what flies big trout eat {like me, you may be surprised}. Given my years with Martin, I could tell you many stories about his expert guidance in catching life time memory big browns, but you might not believe them. I encourage you to live your own stories with Martin. You may be amazed! In addition to his fishing expertise, Martin is an accomplished artist and naturalist. For a long time, Martin has been not only my NZ fishing guide, but also a trusted friend.

Meet the challenge with the best.

Matt Campbell
Deputy Attorney General, California


Guide and Client enjoying there day on the water"I wanted to thank you personally for a wonderful trip, Kitty and I enjoyed every moment of it. Martin if you ever get to Idaho and want to do some fishing, please give us a call. Our home is your home. Martin I learned the most from you of all the guides I used in New Zealand, you are tops."

Jim Vincent owner Rio Products Idaho Falls USA


"I enjoyed some of the greatest fly fishing of my life this past December with Martin Langlands. Martin has voluminous knowledge of Canterbury region waters, and of the habits of their estimable trout. The tremendous diversity of these waters-from classic spring creeks set against stunning mountain scape, to coastal rivers brimming with sea-run browns, to alpine freestones with willing rainbows, and more-offers a feast of fishing opportunities. Martin always seemed to make the right call among these tantalizing choices, matching water, weather, and fishing variables to my fishing interests and abilities.

The more I fished with Martin, the more I realized this wasn't just luck or even good instincts, but instead the product of long experience and everyday diligence. Martin was up early every morning, had checked water and weather conditions region wide. The result was that we had interesting, challenging, and fun fishing every day. Martin like all of the great New Zealand Guides, has great fish-spotting abilities. But unlike some, he also is a thoughtful and inquisitive fisherman and fly tier, and not just a follower of fly-fishing convention. I left not only with fond memories of some great fishing, but with profoundly improved fishing knowledge."

George Bisharat


"...Martin provided a memorable experience which far exceeded my already high expectations.   Most remarkable about Mr. Langlands are his abilities and his knowledge of the resource. He is very in tune with the fisheries of his area and the factors which effect them. We fished new waters every day and covered a lot of miles. Conditions varied from stream to stream and even from hour to hour. Martin was not only prepared for this diversity he seemed to thrive on it. In fact, one day we encountered conditions so severe that we considered calling it "quits" shortly after lunch. With Martins guidance and spirit we persevered, and at the end of that long day I landed the best fish of the trip. Martin Langlands is  truly a professional, He has perfected his craft. On top of all that, he is a fantastically interesting fellow. I anticipate many happy returns to fish with Martin, and I could not recommend him more strongly."

Brian Hilden
San Francisco, California


"Well I've been limping around today and actually loving it because its a constant reminder of the great day I had yesterday. the fishing experience that I was lucky enough to encounter will be in my memory for a lifetime. it was not only the amazing fish that I will never forget, but it is the beauty of the canyon, the observation of the big wild brown trout and the nice thoughts and conversations I shared with you. it was so exciting running down the river banks chasing a trophy fish while you yelled out instructions. in my opinion that is an experience that 99.9% of people will never have and its a shame because its as thrilling as anything I have ever done"

Steve Cain
Chicago IL, USA

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