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The 'Master'in action - Tony EntwistleOne way or another, my life has always been substantially linked to the world of rivers, brown trout and fly fishing.

As a seven year old I started trout fishing with a worm and have held a licence every year since.

In my early twenties I began teaching others the pleasures of fly fishing and have now taught hundreds of anglers how to cast and enjoy New Zealand’s amazing trout fisheries.

After a brief stint as a secondary school teacher I started my first guiding business in 1980, based at St. Arnaud in Nelson Lakes National Park. I helped pioneer heli-fishing into many of the magic wilderness streams that characterise the northern area of the South Island, before they became established names in international angling circles.


Tony with a client - doing what he does best - getting them onto big fish!


I am a Life Member and former President of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association and was a founder member of the NZ Fly Fishing Team to several World Championships from 1987-1992. From 1990-1999, my wife Sharon and I owned a specialist fly-shop and shooting store in Nelson.

For seven years I was a councillor on the Nelson Acclimatisation Society and then the Nelson-Marlborough Fish and Game Council. I have actively lobbied for the protection of New Zealand’s sports fisheries for most of my adult life and have been a regular contributor of articles on fly fishing in New Zealand for more than thirty years .

The challenges that New Zealand’s unique trout fisheries present visiting anglers are ‘infamous’. So often the key to a visiting angler’s success here rests in the guide’s ability to spot and stalk the trout and assist with the best flies and techniques to catch them.

However there is more to your enjoyment of the New Zealand backcountry than simply finding and catching fish. Your guide’s experience of the weather, safe river crossing and travel in the New Zealand bush is also significant to your personal safety.


The highlight of my stay was having Tony Entwistle as my guide … I have enjoyed the service of some outstanding guides in California and Alaska, but Tony is something special. His ability to spot fish is incredible


The complete experience of fly fishing for trout, the magnificent surroundings in which we indulge our passion for the sport and the wonderful people I have met as a consequence, remain very much the central pivot of my life and my reason for being.



Fly Fishing Nelson; a place of legendary trout...

The wider Nelson area has a wealth of high quality rivers. Many remote scenic bush clad rivers are the fly fishers dream. The area is mostly a high quality Brown trout fishery, and at times the quality of the trout can be impressive. In certain conditions the Beech forest can provide a rich bounty for the trout in the form of mouse plagues, with so many mice it's inevitable that some find their way into the river where the already good size trout take full advantage of the rich protein source.


To find out the secrets of where and how to catch these splendid fish you'll need the services of a top guide, and Tony is one of the best!


Thank you very much for giving Peter and I such memorable and remarkable days of fishing in your beautiful country. We thoroughly enjoyed your outstanding guiding skills, which brought us exactly what we were hoping to find in NZ, namely the sighting and catching of big brown trout on the dry fly and nymph as well as tapping into your impressive knowledge of the surroundings … We will be recommending our friends to make the journey and to contact you and hope some of them take up the idea, and maybe we will also return to the true garden of the big brown.
- Axel Bernstorff – Denmark


I remember those fun-filled days clearly, and my arms still ache slightly.  Our trip was a great success, and I want to thank you for making it happen. We enjoyed a lot of splendid experiences this time because of you. Thank you.
– “Non” Murashima – Japan


Many thanks for your company and direction for the 3 days. Mike is stoked and it’s given me satisfaction that he has now had a complete NZ experience.
– Richard Dax – Tasmania


After my own debriefing, I can tell you now to what extent I was lucky to have benefited from your services in New Zealand. Not only are you a very professional guide, but your global knowledge and motivation were also for me a strong enriching experience.
– Christian Guyot – France


Thanks for a great few days. It was good to catch up with you, I always enjoy your company. The fishing was tough but that was good for me, I was getting a bit cocky. We did get a couple of trophy fish and watching you fish that big one over the current on the last day was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
– Phil Clark – Australia


You really turned on a memorable day for our visiting friends from Cornwall the other day.
– Neil Bruce-Miller – New Zealand


We had a wonderful time fishing with you and are most grateful for all the technical advice that you gave us. The new handgrip improved Nancy’s casting and your technique for casting into the wind was invaluable throughout the rest of the trip.
– Tem and Nancy King – USA


I was impressed with your knowledge of the rivers. You are one of the best guides I have fished with in New Zealand.
– Gary Borger – USA


The fishing has left me lots to ponder…  it is certainly unique. The most important lesson learned was the need for a knowledgeable guide. You gave us more than we dared hope for … It was the highlight of my three weeks in New Zealand.
– Joan Wulff – USA


The highlight of my stay was having Tony Entwistle as my guide … I have enjoyed the service of some outstanding guides in California and Alaska, but Tony is something special. His ability to spot fish is incredible.
– Richard Miller – USA


Thanks for a great four days on the South Island. That’s the best fishing I’ve ever seen and you sure know where they are.
– Bill King – USA


Thanks very much for a great day of fishing … You contributed greatly to the thrill and enjoyment of my first trip to New Zealand.
Bill Kahn – USA


I just wanted to send a thank you for your help in getting my trip to NZ off to a great start. Throughout my trip I worked on remembering the things we talked about and found them to be really helpful. The combination of these tips helped me catch some really great fish and I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that we were listening intently!
James Fraser – USA



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