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Raft fish the Legenedry Rangitikei River!

A Trip of a Lifetime.....!

Feed Back from Green Trout's clients


Walter with a nice Rangitikei Rainbow"This is just to say how much I enjoyed the wonderful fishing, food and fun I shared with you on my visits. Jim, you kept getting me into bigger and bigger fish. I was amazed at your knowledge of the Rangitikei river and its tributaries. Fishing in New Zealand is more than just catching fish, although you certainly got me onto great fish. I enjoyed the whole experience immensely and I can't wait to get back and do it all again."

Walt Wester
22 Boardwalk One.
Ca 94939.


Andrew deep in 'Rainbow Country'Congratulations onfinally starting
your own guiding business. I can't wait to book in for a few days with you if it's going to be anything like the other times that we have tossed a fly together. Your patience, knowledge, and skill in getting people onto some great fish, combined with the fantastic scenery that goes with the fishing you have, will make your new venture a great success.

Look forward to catching up soon"


Andrew Ordish
General Manager
Reardon Farms QLD



Nate Jarvis - General Manager Feather Merchants NZ


"Russell had me catching fish that I never even saw.  He had all the right gear for every situation and the days fishing were just the best.  Russell spotted the fish and was able to direct my casting into the right area in order to hook up...I will definitely be fishing with Russell again..."

Nate Jarvis

General Manager

Feather Merchants Ltd NZ



Boyd enjoying his day out on a small stream, Rangitikei CountryI have been fishing with Jim and Russell for years and can guarantee them the finest companions in New Zealand. There is no question that Jim is the best cook and river captain in the country but then Russell can lay out a fly line (along with half the backing) and drop one of his spider flies on a dinner plate. It is a shame he could never teach me to do the same.

They both have "fish eyes" that can spot their fellow fish long before you see the river. Sooo...if you don't catch fish with those two...it is not their fault. However, book early as their empty dates won't last long.

Boyd Tangren
Salt Lake City, Utah


Tony and Jim on the river

“Jim will help you cast a fly, spot you a fish with his eagle eye.  Raft, chopper or a good days walk. The days always fly, coz this bloke can talk.

Novice or expert, Jim will catch you a trout.

And finish the day with a "home brew " shout.

You'll never have a bad day on a NZ river with Jim Rainey.”


Tony Long,




nice fishLovely

"My wife and I have been fishing with Jim Rainey for nearly 10 years.

He is a terrific fishing companion on the river with excellent knowledge of local conditions.

Every trip with Jim has been memorable, and every season brings a new adventure."

Bob Haar
Denise Fuentes



Chris with a rainbow in hand“I have been lucky enough to fish with Jim for the last six years, his ability to relate to anglers of all skill levels and his patience and passion for the ‘bush’ makes the fishing experience so enjoyable. His knowledge of the areas and varied rivers, especially the Rangitikei, is invaluable to a visiting fisherman. I have fished with a number of different guides and I have found some of them intimidating in an effort to get you to a fish; Jim has the ability to put you at ease and make your experience a truly memorable one. I would recommend him to fishermen of all levels of experience.”


Chris Blencowe,




Paul on a rafting trip - nice rainbow



“If you want big mountains and lots of clear water, Jim Rainey has just the spot! With over twenty years of experience fishing and guiding the Central North Island, Jim will get you to the fish, help you catch it and give you a unique New Zealand fishing experience.”


Paul Fisher, Moree, NSW.




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