Thanks to you, Yoko has very enjoyed her holiday in New Zealand. She is talking about you and her activities that she experienced with you every night. She looks very happy.Unfortunately, the weather was not good for fishing, but I could still catch some beautiful fish owing to Craig. I think that everything is written in the river, for example beauty, life, death and crime, I felt it strongly in the fishing river. We appreciate you that we can get a lot of great memories that never forget. 


So you are thinking of going Trout fishing in the North Island of New Zealand? Excellent idea. Also thinking of using the services of a guide. An equally good idea. I can vouch for these experiences, having just returned from N.Z. and done both. Well look no further.  The guiding, hospitality and amiability of Marlene and Craig is as good as it gets. I was accompanied by Marlene, who loves to get down and wet, right there with you, and claps with delight every time you get a hookup.. now I ask you, when was the last time you got applause for latching onto a Trout?... Marlene gives constant, very useful information, timely advice re rod work and steady encouragement.. and what's more, remains totally amiable. Now, if like me you are thinking, "do I really need a guide, after all I've been fishing for many years, albeit saltwater " .I can assure, you will rapidly increase your expertise, and so do yourself a huge favour, if you spend time out on the water with Marlene. We also stayed at the Skeet Lodge overnight,enjoyed a fine home cooked meal by Craig, and some almost believable fishing stories. If Craig guides as good as he cooks, then you will certainly get your monies worth! Also Marlene's Chocolate pudding gets a very favourable mention. So if you want to enjoy the experience of getting into the beautiful Trout back country of New Zealand with some really authenticTrout savvy and lovely Kiwis then the skeet family have it all covered.
IAN SMITH - N.S.W. Australia 7th January 09


The days we spent with you were the highlight of our New Zealand, North Island fly fishing trip. You and Craig were the perfect guides and hosts: I was able to fish all the time with Craig whilst knowing you were entertaining Carolyn by doing a bit of fishing but also showing her the local sights and giving a unique insight into Maori culture. The fly fishing was awesome! Craig knew the 'hot spots' and had the patience to instruct me on the techniques of dry fly fishing in clear, fast flowing river water. The size and strength of those wild brown and rainbow trout which live up in the mountain rivers meant that we had a real fight on our hands when we had a strike. The fish we caught were in beautiful condition and it was great to release them back into the wild. I learnt a lot from Craig about casting and stalking but the most exciting part about him was his respect for the fish, passion for nature and the environment
STEPHEN and CAROLYN DUDER - United Kingdom Feb 09


In December of 2008 I had a chance to go to the South Pacific.  I started to make arraignments in August of 2008.  I had always wanted to go to New Zealand fishing and now was the time.

I had no idea who to contact about such a trip so I got on the computer and typed the words Fly fishing New Zealand.  The names of several guides came up on the computer. 

I sent out an e-mail to all whose name appeared explaining what I was looking for in accommodations as well as how long I had to spend fishing.  I got an immediate response from Marlene Skeet.   

Others started to trickle in over the next several months.  It was like they were testing me to see if I was in fact planning a trip.  Marlene never questioned, she was the first to respond and continued to communicate with me even though I had not yet made up my mind with whom or where I would make a booking.

I booked with Marlene.

Now about the trip.  I arrived in Napier at about 09:30 on december 27,2008 and was met by Marlene.  She greeted me like she had known me for several years. 

We made the short trip to her home/lodge.  I was introduced to Craig her husband.  My gear was unloaded; I was made comfortable in the clean well taken care of room where I would be staying for the next 5 days.

It was explained to me how the fish would feel when there was a strike and what action worked best for keeping the fish on.  After the short lesson (very much appreciated I might add) Craig asked if I was ready to go fishing.

Every day we went fishing I caught fish.  I was not used to the extremely clear water so I had some trouble getting used to this.  However I caught and landed several fish that were around the 5 pound range.  I hooked several that were much larger then these.  I enjoyed the hook up but was unable to land any of these fish due to my own excitement and a bit of a slow response.

I had a tremendous time, the accommodations were outstanding, and the fishing experience was undescribable.  To make it short I caught a lot of big fish and had a wonderful time.  I plan to return in the next couple of years for a rerun.

Mike Chimenti
Thermopolis, Wyoming USA


The filming of the fourth series of internationally successful Surfing the Menu television series in New Zealand we contacted Marlene Skeet who was highly recommended to us.

Throughout the preproduction we found her to be very professional and always to give sound and solid advice.

One of our stars was an accomplished fly fisherman and he was able to land many good size fish which added to the excitement of the story and filming.

The second presenter had only once before fly fished, but under Marlenes expert eye and tuition he too landed some great trout and more great footage was filmed. Another aspect that appealed to us about Marlene was her less macho attitude to the environment as well as her connection with her Maori culture which were keenly incorporated into our programme.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Marlene to anyone for her knowledge, professionalism and her genuine friendly nature which is encouraging and unfussed at all times. 

Alun Bartsch
Producer/Writer Mago FIlms



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