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The High Country of the Central South Island has many pristine trout streams. And hidden amongst them in secret corners that few fishermen know about are some magnificent trophy brown and rainbow trout just waiting to provide the ultimate test to the consummate outdoorsman! Fish in the 6 - 8 lb range are common, with some up to the magical 10 lb mark, which will gladly rise to take a well presented dry fly or nymph.

The diversity of the Central South Island of New Zealand is immense and offers the fly fisherman a huge range of fly fishing opportunities.

The high country is generally quite open country. River banks are a mix of tussock grass lands and open river beds that are relatively easy to negotiate. We have a mix of spring creeks, freestone streams, alluvial rivers and still waters of various sizes and also have the choice of low country or high country fishing.

Allan with a good fishSpecific fishing locations have taken much time over many years of exploration to find and are not shared here to protect the quality of the fishing for clients enjoyment.

The lowland brown trout are finicky by nature, demanding stealth and accurate casts using small dry flies and nymphs. While the splendid fish of the high country demand respect for there sheer size and raw power. Large fit mountain rainbows will lead you in great leaps around the pool once hooked while for the ultimate challenge do battle with the cunning large brown trout which will test your nerves, skill and patience.

Enjoy the delights of the spring fed creeks while watching your dry flies being engulfed as huge fish rise before your eyes, explore pristine high country streams, search the large braided glacier fed rivers by jet boat or tempt fish from the expanse of a high country lake while carefully Stunning vistas await fly fishermen visiting the Canterbury regionspotting them from a dingy rowed slowly a long the shore.

Our local region doesn't attract the fishing pressure that other regions receive, meaning there are no crowds and it's usual to have the rivers to ourselves.

The fishing season opens on the 1st of October and runs through until end of April. High country lakes open on the 1st Nov. There are some exceptions to these dates


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